Scheme of Grants for creation of Sports Infrastructure 


This Scheme has been in operation for about two and half decades now. The objective of the Scheme is to facilitate creation of Sports Infrastructure throughout the country. The existing Scheme has been amended for implementation during the 9th Five Year Plan and the revised provisions contained in this Scheme will be effective from  1st September, 1998. During this Plan, the thrust will be on setting up at least one State Level Training Center in each State for training/coaching of teams and promising sports-person.


The Department is also operating another Scheme of Grant to Rural Schools. Under that Scheme, a lump-sum one-time grant of Rs.1.50 lakh is given to a Rural School for development of Playground and purchase of Sports equipment. That scheme is a Sub-Scheme of this main Scheme of Grants for Creation of sports Infrastructure and a copy of the above finalized scheme has already been circulated to all States/UTs.


The grants shall be released for the following projects:

  1. Development  of Playfields.
  2. Construction of Indoor Stadium/Facilities
  3. Construction of Outdoor Stadium/Facilities
  4. Construction of Swimming Pools.
  5. Construction of Water Sports Infrastructure other than Swimming Pool (such as Jetty, Boat Houses, etc.)
  6. Construction of Winter Sports Infrastructure (such as Skiing Slope, Ice-Hockey field etc.)
  7. Construction of Shooting Ranges
  8. Construction of Skating Rinks
  9. Construction of Aerodromes
  10. Constructions of Sports Hostel
  11. Construction of Additional facilities in existing Sports projects.

Construction of Sports Complexes

  1. District Level Sports Complex
  2. State Sports Training Complex 

The expenditure on the facilities considered essential for the players only would be approved. Government will not encourage other facilities except those that are unavoidable and incidental to the players facilities. The proposals not in conformity with above policy are likely to be rejected.


Financial assistance shall be rendered subject to the cost being shared between the Union Government and the Sponsoring Agencies/State Government concerned in the ratio of 75:25 in respect of the special Category States and Hilly and Tribal area in other States/UTs. Incase of other areas, the Central Assistance will be in the ration of 50:50. The Central Assistance will be limited by the ceiling indicated below against each sport infrastructure. A list of special Category States and Hilly & Tribal areas in other states is at Annexure I (given below).


 Annexure - I Ceiling of Assistance
    Type of Project Estimated
Special Category
States/Hilly/Tribal Areas
Other Areas
 5.1 1. Playfield - Football, Cricket, Hockey fields. 3.00 2.25 1.50
  2. Cricket Ground - (with or without pitch) 4.50 3.38 2.25
  3. Grass/Cinder 8-Lane 400 Meters Running Track 1.50 1.13 0.75
  4. Tennis Court (Murram) Asphalt (Concrete) 2.00 1.50 1.00
  5. Basketball Court (Murram) Asphalt 2.00 1.50 1.00
  6. Volley-Ball Mug Plastered Court 0.60 0.45 0.30
 5.2   Indoor Stadium/Facilities      
  1. Category-I : Size not less than 40x25x12.5 meters with wooden flooring, change rooms, toilets, etc. 120.00 90.00 60.00
  2. Category-II : Size not less than 35x19x12.5 meters with wooden flooring, change rooms, toilets, etc. 90.00 67.50 45.00
  3. Category-III : Size not less than 17x17x7 meters with change rooms and toilet facilities. 40.00 30.00 20.00
 5.3   Outdoor Stadium/Facilities      
  1. Category-I : Field size not less than 180x100 meters with 8 lane grass/cinder running track, change room and toilet facilities. 36.00 27.00 18.00
  2. Category-II : Field size not less than 180x100 meters with 8 lane grass/cinder running track, change room and toilet facilities. 30.00 22.50 15.00

Note: Figures in Rs. Lakhs.