Directorate of Cultural Affairs


Directorate of Cultural Affairs

Room No. 330

New Secretariat, Vikas Bhawan, Patna-800015.



Phone: (0612)-2211619.

Fax: (0612)-2230173.




Bihar has a glorious past and rich cultural heritage. It consists of five cultural zones, viz. Mithila, Magadh, Bhojpur, Aang and Bajjika, on regional language basis. To preserve and develop the art and culture of Bihar in different zones, Directorate of Cultural Affairs was constituted in 1986.

Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira, and Guru Govind singh came from the pious soil of Bihar, who pioneered universal fraternity and unity. It has been a land of Aryabhatta, Chanakya, Chitragupta, Vidyapati and many others. Everybody knows places like Rajgriha, Nalanda, Bodh Gaya, Vikramshila, Patliputra, Vaishali, etc. with their past glory and present profess.

  Aim and Objectives


The objectives of Directorate of Cultural Affairs can briefly be summarized as shown below:

To achieve the above aims and objects, we have two academies such as Bihar Sangeet Natak Academy and Bihar Lalit kala Academy.




Different schemes of the directorate are as follows:



Art Gallery

M.P.C.C., Bhartiya Nritya Kala Mandir
Campus, Fraser Road, Patna.

Contact Person: Sanjay K. Singh.

Mobile: +91-98350-13107.


Premchand Rangshala

Rajendra Nagar, Patna.

Contact Person: Smt. Vibha Sinha.

Mobile: +91-98352-92058.


Rajgir International

Convention Centre

Rajgir, Nalanda.

Contact Person: S.D.M. Rajgir.

Mobile: +91-94731-91217.




Annual Program 2013-14.


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